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2021-11-09 (65)
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Northward to Georgia

Utopia is now on the Atlantic side of Florida and is working her way from Miami to Georgia.  The goal is to reach Brunswick, GA in time for a haul-out on March 25. 


From Miami, we plan to take a long hop on up the Atlantic to the Lake Worth Inlet, just north of West Palm Beach, skipping this portion of the ICW.   Then, we will continue to travel north along the Florida coast.  Time permitting, we will take the ICW's inside route. Hopefully we will get to see a rocket launch when near Canaveral.  If at all possible, Jimmy would like to spend his Mid-March birthday in St. Augustine, giving us just enough time to reach Brunswick and prepare Utopia for a haul-out.  Once she is out of the water, we have a few days to finish preparing the boat for long-term storage before attending a conference in Orlando that starts April 1.  

After the conference the three of us will begin a two week road trip visiting family and friends in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina.  Baxter will stay in Mississippi because eventually we will wind up in Harpers Ferry, WV to begin a Flip-Flop Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail, which will take about six months to complete.

You can see where we have been and our current location by either using No Foreign Land (a great cruisers app), or our Garmin In Reach, available from the "Links" page.

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